The Top Seller of Muay Thai merchandise on the streets and stores in Thailand to Thai visitors




Because tourists cannot come to their beloved Thailand during these very difficult times we will come to you via e-commerce until you can return to Amazing Thailand

The world still loves Thailand and Muay Thai. As souvenirs, accessories or just awesome Muay Thai private label Muay Thai Tshirts designed by Bangkok fighters from famous  Lumpinee and  Ratchadamnern stadiums in Bangkok. 

The Top Seller of Muay Thai merchandise on the streets and stores in Thailand to Thai visitors

Muay Thai merchandise encompasses many items. If you’ve been to Thailand and seen Muay Thai Tshirts and other accessories such as Muay Thai boxing shorts, boxing gloves, Muay Thai shin guards, authentic Muay Thai headbands known as  mongkol or mongkon, manufactured by our company.

Sold throughout independent street vendors and many stores in Bangkok, Phuket and throughout the great land of Thailand we have designed and manufactured. Even specially designed Muay Thai gym bags and Muay Thai heavy boxing bags.  

There are many high profile brands for such Muay Thai items. Our company specializes in private label products and specially designed Muay Thai accessories. As mentioned, we specialize mostly in private label Muay Thai Tshirts. During this time of lack of Thai tourists we are completely overhauling so that whatever country you are in you can view some newly designed Muay Thai Tshirts primarily and other apparel and accessories. Quality and design will be the finest.

Muaythai Tshirts are actually designed by star Muaythai fighters who rock in the ring.

Our company is very unique as it matches professional designers with actual Muay Thai fighters, some with their own private label.  Also, playing another role in design are Muay Thai promoters and some simply Muay Thai fanatics. In the past we have been using material from Thailand, our revamped company will source in the United States and remain with our Muay Thai designers. The result will be the very highest quality and eco friendly material and focus on the typical past Thai tourists and Muay Thai and MMA enthusiasts concentrating on many western and other Asian countries.

Think of it this way as Apple says “designed by Apple in California assembled in China”. Clearly this interpretation is design quality is the very best in the United States and cost is the factor for assembly in China. Similarly at our new reorganization will maintain the authentic design by Muay Thai fighters and others in Thailand know the sport up close and personal. As such at design quality will remain to be from the home of Muay Thai, Thailand. Production will come from the United States for the top material and distribution.

The significance today and in the history of Muaythai as the national sport in Thailand.

The history and origins of Muaythai or also known as Muay Thai. Starting from the tribe of Thai people who had to constantly fight to protect themselves against their aggressors in the south of China before moving southeast as a country to settle in ancient Siam, which we now call Thailand. In peace time it was organized as the best of the warriors who were then selected as the guards for the King. Now, in modern days Muay Thai is known as a revered sport. Indeed, it is officially the national sport of Thailand. Most agree it was initially known as Thai kick boxing and then Muay Boran and ultimately Muay Thai. Often referred as “the art of eight limbs” as is indeed the fighting art by the aggressive use of fists, elbows, knees and shins. It remains a very honorable part of the spirit and pride of Thailand as many Thai youngsters are taught the basics of the sacred fighting art.


The history and earliest beginnings of the Muay Thai is that of a defense fighting art and skill which emphasize fighting with all parts of the such as throwing, thumping, breaking, punching, kicking and so on as a self defense in order to keep enemies from reaching them with weapons such as swords, in combat at close-quarters. During various Buddhist period of years the aim of Muay Thai was for military purposes, national defense, keeping the the peace in the kingdom, and the protection of the King, as well as defense of self, family and community.

In peaceful times Muay Thai matches was organized for various entertainments such as ordinations, Songkran festival or Cheri celebrations. Muay Thai was evolving to a spectacle for the Thai people to enjoy and appreciate. It remains a spiritual art in Thailand as fighters are taught to be fierce fighters but respectful and honorable. Fast forward to today and Muay Thai is firmly the national sport of Thailand as well the tremendous significance it plays worldwide in spectacles, matches throughout the world and its incorporation into very commercial enterprises. Muay Thai is now known in every corner of the globe while the history of the development of the sport is deeply sewn into the history of then Siam, now Thailand.

The worldwide phenomenon of Muay Thai and MMA in rings throughout the world.

Muay Thai has spread throughout the world throughout the western world in late 20th to 21st century. Westernized practitioners began using Muay Thai then as it was mostly known as Thai kickboxing and nowadays it is known as Muay Thai all over the world. Muay Thai was at the peak of popularity in the 1980s and 1990s throughout Thailand with many Muay Thai stadiums mostly for the Thai people to enjoy and also a place observe and betting. The emergence of MMA highlighted its national appeal as Muay Thai skills became critical and became extremely popular and incorporated among other fighting skills such as boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu . Fighters started to come to Thailand to train and fight. It is a fixture among all MMA type fights. These fighters credit Muay Thai as among the fiercest and highly skilled techniques among all fighting skills.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is extremely popular worldwide. As it’s name suggests MMA is a combination of different fighting styles. Muay Thai is focused on striking with “the art of eight limbs” while MMA incorporates Muay Thai. MMA also incorporates other fighting skills from all over the world which emphasizes grappling and groundwork. Some of the greatest MMA fighters master Muay Thai and single it out as among the most important to be well trained in to be an all around great MMA fighter. For certain the growth of Muay Thai is a result of the huge recognition and popularity of MMA. While Muay Thai is a complete and ferocious martial stand alone.

Today Muay Thai is considered the most important martial art among all the striking skill to be well trained in. Among the top MMA fighters those who are extremely skilled at include world champions, Anderson Silva and Jon Jones to name just a few of MMA superstars. Stadiums are commonly sold out that feature the best fighters in the world, in the western world live streaming and television pay for view bring in millions of dollars. Muay Thai remains a very “Thai” sport as the people in Thailand fill stadiums around the country and routinely watch top matches on Thai television. Thailand has shared their national sport to play a key role in making MMA a sport followed throughout the world.

Muay Thai is also sometimes referred to kick boxing but is so much more as an excellent physical workout program.

Muay Thai is becoming very popular as a full body workout, Quite simply Muay Thai is great for building fitness and many find it fun, physical and workout one finds a very natural method to show results and not expensive unlike many workout programs on the market. It provides aerobic and anaerobic with regular workouts. As mentioned, Muay Thai is a full body session that benefits your heart and the tones of muscles like super crazy compared to other physical workouts and the mental feelings of Muay Thai that clears the mind.

Popular for an excellent cardio workout, breaking a sweat , burning of calories and improving the mobility your core.  Famous Muay Thai  fighters and others often refer to Thai kicking as the most kickass workout you might never knew of and likely haven’t tried yet. Go for it and try regular Muay Thai workouts and reap the rewards of the positive workout especially physical well being and weight loss. It is a grueling workout and not for everybody.

With Muay Thai workouts will result in positive affects your mental psyche and heightened renewed self-confidence and focus everything and also relieve stress as your endorphins that release relaxes you. All ages can benefit from Muay Thai workouts and just as all can benefit from physical conditioning, a clear mind, self defense, bone health, muscle toning and all around improvements every day. Start today.